Stack Machine [ANDROID]

Stack Machine gameplay screenshotStack Machine by TME Games is an Android only version of a classic arcade machine most of us would of played at some point. The goal in this game is to create a stack all the way to the top by tapping the screen when you want the block that’s moving from side to side over the stack to stop. You start off with 3 blocks and each time you tap either to late or to early and fail to stack the blocks you lose a block, loose all 3 blocks and it’s game over!

The game requires good timing to make it all the way to the top, the lonely top. Stack Machine is difficult and provides a good challenge to gamers of all ages and skill levels.Stack Machine gameplay screenshot

Player statistics such as games played and prize level wins are displayed on the left and right hand side panels along with a round restart button and a handy mute/unmute audio control.

Stack Machine plays smoothly, has some nice visual effects and overall is a well put together game!

Download Stack Machine by TME Games here:

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