Snake 2 20th Anniversary [ANDROID]

Snake 2 20th Anniversary by TME Games is a remake exclusively for Android of the classic Snake game us 90’s kids grew up to love! If you’re not familiar with snake, the objective is to steer a snake around to eat dots and special items while avoiding running into yourself. This version contains all the features of the original, right down to the correct colours plus. This version also contains some Android specific features such as leaderboards and achievements.Snake 2 20th Anniversary gameplay screenshot

The controls in this game are simple and work well. Just swipe anywhere on the screen in the direction you want the snake’s head to turn in.

Snake 2 20th Anniversary has 10 game speeds and each one is dramatically different than the other, giving you plenty of options when it comes to difficulty. Challenge yourself by playing on 10!

The leaderboards and achievements are easily accessed from the main menu and make use of the standard Google Play Services layouts so they are nice and easy to navigate.

Download Snake 2 20th Anniversary from the Play Store for free here:

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