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Proxy Detector main screen screenshotProxy Detector is a free app for the Android platform that can help you determine if the proxy you are currently using is detectable or not.

This app is great for a few things. The first one is the main one, simply giving you peace of mind. Everyone that uses a proxy should be checking if the proxy they are using can in fact be detected and if it is leaking your real IP. It’s surprising how often proxies do leak information and how many just don’t check them before they use them. This app can also be used to check if you’re behind a proxy when you might not know that you are.

Proxy Detector has two methods of detection and a special browser check function. The first method is the fastest detection method and works best for proxies that are also fast. Detection method 2 is considerably slower than method 1 and can throw false positives, however it can also detect many more types of proxies and configuration issues. To overcome the false positives, you only need to run the method a few times. The browser check function can help you determine if your browser is configured correctly. The browser check function at times can be slower than method 2, however it uses a combination of method 1 and 2 to get the job done.

When the app first launches it automatically goes ahead and discovers your current IP and tries to detect if a proxy is being used, using method 1.

This app uses APIs provided by Both the IP and proxy detection APIs are not logged, this means there won’t be a place that could potentially have your real IP combined with the the IP of the proxy you are using. The detection methods are always being improved and you don’t have to update the app locally to take advantage of them!

Download Proxy Detector for free from the Play Store:

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