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PolarSmash [GAME][ANDROID]

PolarSmash main menu screenshotPolarSmash by TME Games is a 100% free casual arcade game built exclusively for the Android platform. There are ads in this game, however they are unobtrusive and the developer didn’t include a “watch an ad to continue” feature, so you are free to play for as long as you like.

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The aim of PolarSmash is to squish the Frost Fighters that roam around the map, destroying blocks trying to get to you. You squish them by hitting them with a block and once they squish they will respawn in a random place on the map for you to squish again. The Frost Fighters can be stunned by directly hitting a wall that they are next to.

There are bonus points up for grabs in each level and to get them you need to connect all 3 diamond blocks together. I found this to be pretty tricky and the Frost Fighters managed to get a me few times while I was trying, but the flashy animation that triggers made it worth it!

You pass a level in PolarSmash when you manage to squish the required amount of enemies indicated by the green dots at the top of map.

The controls in this game work well and are large enough that you don’t miss them when you are making quick turns to escape an enemy. I didn’t come across any bugs or experience any lag and glitching while I was playing.

I really enjoy casual arcade games and found this one to provide a good balance between difficulty and just plain ol’ fun and is a game I can see myself going back to pretty often.

Download PolarSmash from the Play Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TME.PolarSmash.

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