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PixSpark [ANDROID]

PixSpark main screen screenshotPixSpark is a free photo filter app exclusively for Android that is designed work alongside your favourite camera and editing apps to help you add finishing touches to your photos. PixSpark’s filters do also work well when used just own their own.PixSpark enhanced contrast 3 filter screenshot

PixSpark contains more than 20 high quality photos filters with more being added all the time. Applying a filter in this app is easy, once it is open simply tap the “SELECT IMAGE” button and locate the photos you wish to work on. Once you have selected a photo, you can browse the filter library by swiping left or right and once you have found a look you like you can swipe up or down to adjust the brightness. A quick tap will toggle between the original photo and the filtered version allowing you to quickly check your changes and a double tap will reset any brightness adjustments you have made to the filter.

Photos can be saved and shared to your favourite social networks easily by simply tapping the save and share button. Photos are always saved in the highest quality.

Download PixSpark for Android from the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tygattisoftware.pixspark

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