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Pixel Assassin [GAME][ANDROID][IOS]

Pixel Assassin in game screenshotPixel Assassin by Devzek is a fun and challenging action platformer available for both iOS and Android. The game is free and does contain ads, however the developer is releasing a gold edition that will remove the ads for you.

There are 16 levels and 3 areas to grind through in Pixel Assassin. To pass a level you will need to navigate through some pretty tricky obstacles and dodge enemy fire to complete an objective that you are given at the start of the level. Objectives are tasks such as, find and kill a particular enemy with your sword, retrieve an item for a friendly NPC or make it past a challenging obstacle. There are some unique obstacles that you don’t normally see in platformers and some of the obstacles don’t work in the way you expect them too, I found this made the game more fun and certainly more challenging!

Pixel Assassin in game screenshot, level challenge screen

While you are working hard to pass the level, you can activate checkpoints by running into flags and turning them purple so you don’t have to start from the start each time you die. I really appreciate these checkpoints as so far I have died many, many times.

Once you have managed to complete all the levels in an area, the last one contains a boss fight! You will need to defeat a boss to move on to the next area. Devzek are working on adding new areas and I’m sure new boss fights too!

Overall, Pixel Assassin is fun game and is also really challenging at times. I found myself getting frustrated trying to kill some enemies simply because I couldn’t get the timing right, but I like that in a game and you can tell Devzek put some effort into balancing the game. The game runs smooth, the controls work well and I didn’t find the ads intrusive, they are only shown each time you pass a level. If platformers are your thing then Pixel Assassin is worth checking out!

Download Pixel Assassin from the Play Store (Android) here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixelassassingame.devzek

Download Pixel Assassin from iTunes (iOS) here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-pixel-assassin/id1252247861

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