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MarsRovers: Curiosity [ANDROID]

MarsRovers: Curiosity image list screenshotMarsRovers: Curiosity is a free app for the Android platform that helps you discover the newest images from NASA’s martian explorer, Curiosity. This app is part of a series and there are two other apps for the rovers Opportunity and Spirit.

Images in this app are organised under an SOL which is a way of keeping track of days on Mars, you can read more about SOL numbers on wikipedia here. Browsing though SOLs isn’t difficult, you can tap the left or right arrows to go backwards and forwards through the SOL catalog or if there is a specific day you are looking for, you can manually enter the SOL number by tapping the current SOL and entering your own in the space provided.MarsRovers: Curiosity image display screenshot

Curiosity itself features 17 cameras, while some of these are grouped together and others are just used for redundancy this app still gives you access to the majority of them. Photos from the rover are available in the app as soon as NASA makes them available, which is usually around ~2-4 hours after they were taken.

MarsRovers: Curiosity allows you to quickly save and share images. Long press an image after it has loaded and you will be presented with a dialog for saving and sharing.

Download the latest version of MarsRovers: Curiosity from the Play Store:

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