Fizza ScreenshotFizza is a 100% free, casual balloon pop/brick breaker style game designed for all ages and is challenging, yet addictive rather than frustrating! The aim in Fizza is to tap colored dots that match the color of the center post before the color change timer runs out. If you don’t manage to tap any dots before the color change timers runs out, tap the wrong color dot or miss a dot all together you will lose health.Fizza Screenshot

When you manage to destroy dots in Fizza they explode and take out other nearby dots of the same color and add to your streak counter. Streaks are a big part of Fizza, they control when loot drops happen and they control the bonus multiplier!

Fizza has a loot drop system with 3 tiers of loot that can make gameplay a lot more fun! Loot drops have a chance at triggering every time you destroy a dot, however they only drop once the required streak has been met. There is a loot machine in Fizza that you can use to earn credits for instant loot drops in game!

There are no forced ads or lives in Fizza. Gameplay is endless and completely unobstructed by ads!

Download Fizza for free from the Play Store today:

Visit the developers official website here:

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