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EzyBeat Plus [ANDROID]

EzyBeat Plus main screen screenshotEzyBeat Plus is a free drum machine for Android that features a simple user interface and 24 high quality samples. This app is an expanded version of “EzyBeat” which is also available for free in the Play Store.

EzyBeat Plus has 3 distinct kits, each with 8 sounds each. The first kit “Kit 1” is a general use acoustic kit with a hard hitting kick and solid cowbell. The second kit is an electronic kit built with hip-hop in mind. This kit features a very deep 808 style kick sample and a super snappy snare. The third kit is another acoustic only this one is a little more laid back. The samples sound great out of the built in speaker on most mobile devices, however they really shine when you plug your devices into a decent set of speakers.

The user interface in EzyBeat Plus is super simple! There are 3 buttons across the top to switch between kits, this means you don’t have to fumble around in menus to change kits. There are 8 buttons for controlling the drum samples themselves. A short tap plays the sample as you would expect and a long press toggles between the two sample play modes, re-trigger and polyphonic.

The sound is very responsive and I’m yet to experience any glitching, even when mashing all the buttons!

Download the latest version of EzyBeat Plus from the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tygattisoftware.ezybeatplus

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